About Us

As teenagers growing up in the 1990’s it was an era of free and easy finance. Overdrafts, credit cards and even 125% mortgages. Today these have been replaced by a plethora of loan sharks (legitimate and not!), high interest rates and even high-street bank overdrafts with eye-watering 40% per annum interest rates.

In health they say that prevention is better than cure well here at the Children’s financial Institute we feel exactly the same way about money. Learning great habits at an early age has to be better than asking for help when they are in too deep.

A first of its kind, we will deliver a curriculum of advice, guidance and support to children and those in a position to assist in all things financial. Using traditional websites, seminars and online learning blended with the more relevant social media platforms for those old enough to use them.

Started in Halifax, West Yorkshire but designed with the worlds population in mind. Strong finances equals more choices and a thriving community spirit. Check out how you can get involved here.